CallFunction XOP for Igor Pro

This documents an external operation code module (XOP) for WaveMetrics Igor Pro developed by byte physics. The XOP enables users to call external library functions from a DLL in Windows 64 bit. The function calls are defined using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) with strings from within Igor Pro.

Calling external library functions is the standard way to communicate with hardware devices or other programs. Typically manufacturers of hardware devices offer a development kit with a C application interface (API) that allows to control the device. The key interface of these API are calls to libraries provided by the manufacturer. This XOP allows to call such library functions directly from Igor and retrieve returned data.

Download and Installation

The XOP is developed and tested for Igor Pro 8 on Windows 64Bit.

You can download the latest version from here.

To install the XOP, open the zip archive and place the files from output\win\x64 in your Igor Extensions or Igor Extensions (64-bit) folders. Place the wrapper functions from procedures to your Igor Procedures folder and place the Igor Help File from docu into Igor Help Files. If you are not sure, where to find these folders, Go to HelpShow Igor Pro User Files in the Igor Pro menu.