JSON XOP for Igor Pro

This documents an external operation code module (XOP) for WaveMetrics Igor Pro developed by byte physics. The XOP aims at supporting the convenient creation and interaction with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) objects from within Igor Pro.

JSON is a format for exchanging data between applications. Almost all web applications today use a standardized JSON API for the communication between different layers. JSON is also used for the structural storage of data and properties without the need of creating strict database table definitions which are, for example, useful for the design of graphs or the interaction of measurement programs with graphical user interfaces. The purpose of this XOP is to enable Igor Pro to communicate with other programs using JSON format.

Download and Installation

The XOP is developed and tested for Igor Pro 8 on Windows and MacOSX. It is also signed and notarized to work with MacOSX 10.15 (Catalina).

You can download the latest version from here.

To install the XOP, place the downloaded *.xop file in your Igor Extensions or Igor Extensions (64-bit) folders, add the wrapper functions from procedures to your Igor Procedures folder and place the Igor Help File from docu into Igor Help Files. If you are not sure, where to find these folders, Go to HelpShow Igor Pro User Files in the Igor Pro menu.


If this is your first visit here, you should try the Getting Started tutorial for a quick introduction to this XOP. The API definition is described in mediate detail, but you may also start with the Operations concept or directly go to the definition of specific Operations or Functions. If you prefer learning from real-life examples, start with the Examples section.